Private Instruction

This is all about you!
Our PGA staff will help guide you on your golfing journey with the overall emphasis in game improvement and tailoring the instruction to help you reach your goals.

Program details
  • Taught by certified PGA Staff
  • Customized packages
  • Private instruction
  • All lessons are 60 min.
  • One lesson                                            $100
  • Four lessons                                          $385
We can customize any package to suit your needs.    

Coaching Programs

This program is designed for the golf enthusiast. This is about game improvement through goal setting. Our PGA of Canada staff will tailor and customize your learning experience to help you meet your goals. Every player has strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunity to play their best. It is our responsibility to help get you there.
Program details
  • Customized packages
  • Private instruction – Lessons are 60 min.
3-month member subscription
  • Total of 8 hours
  • Customize the package with your PGA Instructor
Cost - $725.00 plus applicable taxes

4-month member subscription
  • Total of 12 hours
  • Customize the package with your PGA Instructor
Cost - $975.00 plus applicable taxes

Semi-Private Instruction

Program details – All lesson costs are based per student.
  • Taught by certified PGA Staff
  • Customized packages
  • Private instruction
  • All lessons are 60 min.
  • Two students for Four lessons                                        $250
  • Three students for Four lessons                                      $225
  • Four students for four lessons                                        $200
  • Five or more for four lessons                                         $175
We can customize any package to suit your needs.

Social Swingers (Women Only)

Fridays at 5pm

April 5,12,19,26

This program is designed for all female golfers of all skill levels. Emphasis on social time, learning about golf and to encourage fun while playing golf. Friends are mandatory… If you don’t currently have a golfing friend, you’ll make one here!

Program Details:
  • PGA of Canada Certified Instruction
  • 45 minute clinic each week on the "Big Four" Putting, Shortgame, Full Swing, and Driver
  • After each clinic you will go "On course" to play 4 holes
  • After four holes you will visit the "Macan Lounge" for a glass of wine
  • Non-member friends are encouraged to join
  • Members: $200
  • Non-Members: $250
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Let's Hit the Links - Customize Your Program

The Range allows the student an opportunity to focus on core fundamentals, swing mechanics in a more controlled environment which is tailored to meet the individual needs of the student.

The Course presents the exact opposite scenario. No two shots are the same; the course is about target thoughts and less mechanical thoughts. The course allows the student to work on shot selection, course management, pre-shot routine, visualization, specialty shots and of course the roller coaster of emotion.

Program Details
  • Taught by PGA certified staff.
  • 3 – 60 min golf lessons and one 9 hole playing lesson (2hours)
  • Total 5 hour of Instruction
  • One student $425
  • Two students $375 per student
  • Three students $325 per student
We can customize any package to suit your needs.         

Don’t Neglect the Short Game


In golf Short Game is KING!

This program is all about SCORING!
We ARC understand how fun it is to hit the ball long; however, we also know that scoring is all about getting the ball in the hole. Short game refers to all shots played inside 100 yards to the green.


  • Private Instruction
  • Four – one-hour lessons
Topics Covered
  • Pitching
  • Chipping
  • Bunkers
  • Putting
  • Specialty shots

COST- $385
If you want to do this program in a group setting, please see our semi - private group pricing on the website.

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The Full ARC Experience


Unsure who you may want to work with?
Look no further as you get to experience every Certified PGA Professional at ARC.
Here’s how it works.


  • Group Program
  • Maximum 4 per group
  • You can organize your own group or join as a single
  • 6-hour package
  • Taught by all 5 certified PGA Professionals

Lesson 1 – Evan Dyki – T.P.I Assessment (1 hour)
Lesson 2 – Jamie Murphy - Full Swing analysis(1hour)
Lesson 3 – Craig Young - Swing Analysis with Driver and FW (1 hour)
Lesson 4 – Mac McLeod – Putting(1hour)
Lesson 5 – Derek Senft -TrackMan (1 hour)
Lesson 6 – The Short Game (1 hour)


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One Day Golf School

What a difference a day makes!!
This program is designed to provide each student a comprehensive lesson format that focuses on all the key areas of the game.

Program Includes
·       Taught by PGA certified staff.
·       6 hours of instruction
·       Complimentary gift package upon arrival
·       4 hours of instruction
·       One 9 hole playing lesson. (2 hour)
·       Dinner or Lunch with roundtable discussion about playing lesson.
·       Personalized learning manual
·       Maximum of 3:1 student to coach ratio
Cost - $279 plus applicable tax
If you have your own group, we can customize to suit your needs.     
Click here to register.