The purpose of this policy is to recognize and permit appropriate use of wireless communication devices (WCDs) consistent with providing members and guests of Royal Colwood Golf Club a relaxing environment that maximizes their enjoyment of our Club and facilities.

It recognizes that in today’s environment wireless communication devices are both ubiquitous and may be necessary to both personal and business lives.

While anywhere on the grounds and premises Royal Colwood Golf Club, all WCDs must be in silent mode and any use of WCDs must not detract from other members’ and guests’ enjoyment of the golf course, practice areas, and clubhouse.
WCD voice communication is prohibited on the main floor and in all food and beverage service areas of the clubhouse (including the 19th hole during food service hours, and patios). If voice WCD use is vital, we ask you to excuse yourself from these areas to respect the enjoyment of all members and guests.
With due consideration to the enjoyment of other members and guests, WCD voice communication is permitted on the lower level of the clubhouse (with the exception of the 19th hole during food service hours), and in all other areas, including the parking lot, the golf course, and practice facilities.
If a member or guest considers use of a WCD necessary on the golf course, then respect for our fellow members requires agreement of such person’s fellow competitors be obtained and the effect on other members and guests not in the group must be considered.